ISAAC JOE is a speaker, lyricist, musician and a performer. As a speaker he has been addressing students in their campuses, people in churches, Prisons and corporate offices.

As a musician he has written more than 100 songs and released many albums both in English and in Tamil. He records and produces under his label RHEMA MUSIC. He and his Son operates LIVING SOUND Audio and Video Productions.

As a Performer, he began as a Bassist and later after knowing the Lord turned into a Lead Guitarist and a Vocalist. His ministry began as a band performing before 100 and it has grown to 25,000 people. He conducts concerts both in English and tamil separately.

He has also performed before 12 people in their wheelchairs. His passion is beyond entertainment to elevate and enrich people’s lives. That is why in every concert he writes at least 8 new songs and delivers life motivating messages while introducing the songs.

People are attracted to his presentation style which is non – threatening, thought provoking, laced with humor, simplicity and sincerity. Thousands of people have been brought to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ through his music and word.

He is married to Geetha who is a civil engineer by profession.They are blessed with two children  Gloria & Joshua.

Isaac Joe’s wife, Geetha Isaac

Geetha is a civil engineer and a writer who hails from an orthodox Hindu family. She got to know about the Lord when she was 14 years of Age. She now serves full time along with her husband. She preaches to women and has a heart of compassion to help the underprivileged and the widows. She has weekly meetings for homemakers in different parts of the city. Sonshine Sharity was birthed out of her passion for the needy. Through this ministry  many widows have been  supported financially every month.

Isaac Joe’s daughter, Gloria Jordan Isaac.

When she was at the age of 3  she was admitted in the hospital and was pronounced dead. After two days, the lord brought her alive. Right from her childhood she knew the call of God on her life. She has been a great impact on people who were struggling in life. Many have seen a breakthrough through the advice and life of Gloria. She is a singer and a  seventh grade pianist. She sends students for exams in piano by training them and moulding them to be the best they can be. She is a gold medalist in French and has a Masters’ degree in English literature, a Bible college graduate and a Macrobiotic Counsellor. Gloria’s heart is to demonstrate the love of Jesus. She has a burning desire to impact lives by helping those in need.

Isaac Joe’s son, Joshua Israel Isaac

Joshua was born with the sickness which only one in a million will have. He, as a child never sat by himself, crawled or walked. Doctors called him ‘a miracle child’ when he began to run suddenly. When he was 16 years, he was participating in the state athletics. He was a sports captain of his school. He finished his 8th grade with distinction in drumming even before he graduated from his school. He is a left handed guitarist and also sings. He always loved missionaries from his childhood. He chose to do his Bible College, pursue his LTCL in Drums and his BBA. He is very interested in producing, recording and mastering Gospel music and build lives.