I come from a family with no musical inclinations.As my mother
was seeking the Lord for my healing, she fell that the Lord leading
her to encourage me in learning to play a stringed instrument
believing that it would do some good to restoring and soothing my

Another reason was to occupy me so that I will not be out
of the house hanging out with the gang on the street. Little did she
know then that I would gel so obsessed that I would spend time till
the early hours of each day playing my guitar! She found a music
shop and asked the man there to make a violin for me.

Back then in the 70’s, western musical instruments were hard to come by and expensive and so the only resort was to get it custom made
locally. So she paid up the money necessary but there seemed to
be no sign of any violin. Finally after much persuasion, he offered
to make me a guitar. This is how I landed up as a guitarist! Definitely
not by choice.

My mother found a music tutor to teach me to play the guitar. We
didn’t have a music system at home and I used to listen to music
that would spill over from neighbours’ homes and started strumming
along. Nevertheless I was determined to pour in all my energies
into playing the guitar.