When I was 19 years old I came back to the Lord as a backslider.
I started a youth fellowship on every Friday evening in my home and I would just share what I learnt in my quiet time and so would others. At the age of 23, I stepped into full time ministry as an Evangelist.

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On one of my trips to South East Asia, someone had arranged for
me to preach at a church because the preacher who was supposed to preach didn’t turn up and I made my way there. When I got there, the pastor of the church seeing my youthful appearance asked me to present my credentials. He enquired whether I was married or whether I had a church or a degree in Theology and so on. I told him that I lacked proper credentials, was single, did not own anything but the only thing I was sure of was that when I go to preach, I know that the Lord will put into my heart what He wants His people to hear. This reply didn’t quite satisfy the pastor and he let me take the pulpit with obvious reluctance. I surrendered myself to the Lord to be used as His humble instrument and proceeded to share what the Lord had burdened me to speak about. Halfway through my message I glanced down at the front row to where this pastor was seated to see him weeping. I thought I had offended him in some way. At the close of the service, this pastor thanked me and told me that the Lord had revealed Himself in a very special way. Praise be to God!