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Corporate Ministry

“If you abide in Me and my word abides in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you.” (John 15:7) They knew the power of corporate prayer as they remembered Christ’s promise, “If two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” (Matt. 18:19)

God gave a vision to Eva. Isaac Joe that countless youth are going towards darkness believing that is a light. To enhance the corporate life style, Eva. Isaac Joe participating and conducting the corporate prayer cells through his powerful and motivational messages the corporate people are diverting from the earlier ways to Godly ways. He is guiding the people who are participating in corporate prayer cells 

  • The beginning of a better future. 
  • Making the impossible possible. 
  • Connecting people to purpose. 
  • Believe in helping people persevere, 
  • Charting a path to overcome life’s setbacks and celebrating with them when they succeed.

Eva. Isaac Joe believes corporate prayer can be a positive experience in many ways.

Encouragement: Praying with others can bring encouragement to the members of the group. There may be those in the group who are struggling with trials and temptations. As they are upheld in prayer, the Holy Spirit brings them encouragement and reassurance of His promises.

Unity of purpose: Corporate prayer has the ability to knit a group together in a bond of fellowship and praise. People are edified and unified in common faith. As people pray together, they build love and concern for others and display their dependence on God.

Worship: Corporate prayer brings intimate communion with the Savior.

Repentance: As people pray, the Holy Spirit brings conviction and draws His children to repentance.

Blessings you receive thorough a corporate prayer cell Member:

  • Added Power
  • Multiplied Joy
  • Great Glory to God
  • More Fruitful Ministry and Mission
  • Unity Among Co-workers
  • Wise thinking
  • Learn Pray, prayed for ourselves and pray for others
  • To Know Each Other 
  • To Know Jesus More


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