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Most important things we are doing in our women Ministry is to know how a woman can use her unique gifts and abilities to make Jesus known. 

According to proverbs 31A woman can built the house and destroy it. The Bible clearly says that the woman should be wise and she act very carefully. With a great burden God gave to Sis. Geetha Isaac Joe “A woman only teaches a woman because she know the pain and agony what the other one is going and she can feel the pain and agony” . IJM conducting “Women Prayer Fellowship” every week  on Wednesday in BKN Auditorium, Ritherdon Road, Vepery. Through this prayer fellowship our Lord using Sis. Geetha Isaac Joe in a mighty way every need of a woman will be prayed with great burden and our Lord using her to empower woman to stand for the Christ.  God doing wonders through this ministry. 

Women’s ministry

  • Senior women fellowship
  • Counseling for college students
  • Counseling for widows
  • Counseling for house wives
  • House visit and praying 
  • Counseling about life after marriage
  • Counseling for those who feel lonely
  • Women Devotional leadership
  • How to read the bible
  • Healthy family fellowship

Spiritual Development

  • Build lasting relationships with other Women for friendship, support, discipleship, and mentorship
  • Find practical solutions to difficult issues in their daily lives
  • Discover how a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can change their lives
  • Recognize their gifts and abilities to further God’s Kingdom
  • Understand biblical truths and learn how to apply them in their lives
  • Utilize biblical principles to change and become more like Christ for advancing
  • God’s kingdom and leading  their families, neighborhoods, and the world
  • Meet the needs of young Women
  • Develop a full-time mentoring program for young Women ages 8 to 21 years

Personal Development:

  • Becoming better Wives, Mothers, and Women
  • Finding and maintaining balance for your life
  • Achieving your potential
  • Developing your faith


Recent sermons

With a passion and zeal for the lost and hurting world, our church is looking for ways to build bridges to a cynical and jaded society.